注:需USB3支持 且买到指定型号的U盘

    Based on user feedback, the following devices are known to work with this code:

    Patriot 8GB Supersonic Xpress (with PS2251-03 (2303) controller)

    Based on user feedback, the following devices have been found to have a supported controller:

    Patriot 8GB Supersonic Xpress*
    Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 T111 8GB
    Silicon power marvel M60 64GB
    Patriot Stellar 64 Gb Phison
    Toshiba TransMemory-MX USB 3.0 16GB
    Toshiba TransMemory-MX USB 3.0 8GB
    Kingston DataTraveler G4 64 GB
    Patriot PSF16GXPUSB Supersonic Xpress 16GB
    Silicon Power 32GB Blaze B30 (SP032GBUF3B30V1K)
    Kingston Digital 8GB USB 3.0 DataTraveler (DT100G3/8GB)* – Using PS2251-03 (By the way, the DriveCom.exe does not work for it, you need use Phison MPALL Tools to burn the firmware.)

    * Sometimes ships with the PS2251-07 (See below)

    Based on user testing, the following devices have a PS2251-03 (2303) controller but are not booting with the necessary firmware version 1.03.53:

    SanDisk Ultra 16Gb USB 3.0 SDCZ48-016G

    Devices known to be incompatible:

    All Phison-based USB 2.0 devices
    Kingston Digital 8GB/64GB USB 3.0 DataTraveler (DT100G3/8GB and /64GB) – Uses PS2251-07

    Note: The authors and contributors to the project make no guarantee that any specific device is supported. This information is provided on a best-effort basis and may be incorrect. The end user is responsible for any damages or loss as a result of apply patches or using custom firmware.

    Also note that if you buy a confirmed device, you might not end up with one with the PS2251-03, as manufacturers seem to use different controllers even with same device models.

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